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  • Lyn Reed

Why Men Need Therapy

I guess men tend to think they can do everything themselves. So it follows that they don't need therapy, right? I am not so sure.

When we want to fix things, it can seem to be a short step from displaying controlling behaviour. We are often not aware of it; yet our need to 'fix' things can have a negative impact on others.

So it is important to let go of things we cannot control, and focus on ourselves.

Therapy can help us learn to keep the focus on ourselves so we can ownership of our own issues. In terms of dynamics in relationships, this can bring a lot less pressure and a lot more trust.

Men tend to get embarrassed or shy away from therapy. Many people seem to think therapy is about 'real problems'. Men may talk to their friends who are probably biased. Men may also tend to associate 'treatment' with weakness.

In my view, good therapy is discovering who we really want to be. Perhaps we feel we have failed. That's okay.

But it is important to recognise that we often cannot sort ourselves out on our own.

If men got involved in therapy like they do in sports, how many relationships would be saved? How many would have a healthier definition of manhood? How many daughters would have high self-esteem and a sharper radar when it comes to boys? How much pain could be avoided?

Yep, therapy is worth thinking about................................

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