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  • Lyn Reed

We can find our way if we look inside

Most of us feel lost at some time or another.  We can feel aimless, restless.  We may feel we are missing out on something.  We feel unfulfilled - or perhaps too full up. Either way, we don't know how to make things better.

Doing 'who you are' brings authenticity.  It becomes our true purpose.  It is who we are.  It can be a lifeline.  Sometimes we lose our skill and abilities in the busyness of life.  And life rarely turns out as we planned anyway.

There are some questions we can ask ourselves: when was the last time we did something we enjoyed and got 'LOST IN'?

If it was a long time ago perhaps it may be a good time to spend some time reflecting what has got in the way of us leading a more balanced life.

What often gets in our way is ourselves.  We may have come to believe that if we had this thing or that person then we would be happy.

When we attach our well-being or happiness to something external (wanting a certain lifestyle or wanting people to behave in a certain way) I don't believe we can ever find out who we really are. Society continually tells us to have it, get it and own it  - whatever 'it' is. We can find ourselves running around doing, getting, striving.

Effectively we are lost within ourselves.

Yes, reaching our goals is often satisfying and gives us a sense of achievement.  But it can also leave us feeling frustrated, stressed, exhausted.   When 'it' no longer satisfied our needs, we must search for a 'new fix'.

We can only find fulfilment within ourselves. Which can be tricky.  But rewarding in itself. 


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