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  • Lyn Reed

Trauma: repeat and reset

When we experience post traumatic stress we can feel isolated and alone.  The experience of our traumatic event is often played over and over.  24/7. 

Like pressing a repeat button which gets stuck on repeat.Trauma is often about loss.  

We can become hyper alert, always checking.  We often feel re-traumatised when we feel a trigger. Sometimes PTSD can misdiagnosed a depression or insomnia.  With this disorder we often experience social isolation and alienation.  We can't express how we feel. Words fails us.

There can be a sense of numbness and detachment from others. It is important people talk about their trauma and update themselves.  Things change and are often different.  And they need to  be seen and experienced as such.

It an be helpful to write about our trauma.  Give it a name.  Draw a picture of it. Such elf expression can help us to press the reset button.


PSTD numbness insomnia trauma loss

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