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  • Lyn Reed

Think that as a man you can't be tough and sensitive? Think again

Is there an identity crisis for 20 something men?  There seems to be a lot of pressure experienced by males - they are often expected to be alpha male as well as having a sensitive side. The former can come over as being harsh and aggressive; the latter risks being laughed at by their peers.

The result could be a feeling of being trapped.

So what do you consider to be your main weakness?

Is it showing your emotions?

have you learnt to keep them hidden away?

do you feel brittle and edgy?

unable to communicate?

do you often find that you end up in a corner with nowhere to go?

These difficult emotions can sometimes  emerge because men find it hard to express themselves. Generally speaking men are not encouraged to be kind to themselves. Yet these feelings have to come out somewhere.

How we feel is important.  And it is also important to acknowledge to ourselves how we feel. By doing so men have a chance to develop drive and motivation to be the best they can be.

Men can be both sensitive and alpha.  It's a challenge.  Yet finding a way to express ourselves is an important step on the way to finding the balance we need to lead a more fulfilling life.

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