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  • Lyn Reed

Mindful Eating or Mindless Munching?

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

When it comes to food, we are often driven by strong habitual emotions - feelings of insecurity, low self esteem, societal pressures and inner conflict - all or some of which have been developed and become embedded in our behaviour.   


Problem:  alone and feeling low

Solution: Eat a biscuit, it's a comforting thing to do

Problem: out and about feeling anxious for some reason?

Solution: head for a shop selling comforting food, it can feel reassuring

Problem: End of a relationship?

Solution: Fill up with a tin of biscuits - it fills that empty feeling

We soon discover that these behaviours are being done without awareness - or mindless munching as I like to call it.

Every time we follow an emotional wave our chain of thought is strengthening our habitual thought patterns.

If we notice our different triggers, associations and sensations then chances are we will become more calm and clear about our food choices.

What started it all?  Now there's a thought.............................................. 


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