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  • Lyn Reed

Men Hide their Stress: Watch out for the tell tale signs

When men are under a lot of stress they tend to hide it away. Some men find it hard to acknowledge that they cannot handle 'stuff'.  So even when assistance is offered they often declines.  Others thrive on stress.  They see it as productive .  They seek it out if life becomes a bit too boring.

While men may deal with stress in different ways they often do it in a way which mean they do not openly communicate to others that they are in trouble.  Some may isolate themselves; others may avoid situations.  Some may increase their physical activity thereby releasing built up tension.

Apart from anything else, I try to explain that chronic stress can have a negative effect upon the brain - it can result in the brain shrinking.  It can lead to a variety of mental health problems like:

- depression 

- forgetfulness

- difficulty in making decisions

- increase in worry and guilt

Even low levels of stress may cause significant changes in the brain over time.  If we suffer chronic stress it is important  that excessive demands are not increased but managed. Otherwise we risk feeling overwhelmed.  Hence more stress!

The good news is that just by being aware we can help reduce our own stress levels.  We can take steps to reduce chronic stress by engaging in meditation and regular exercise as well as maintaining a supportive social network.  Doing something that gives us pleasure helps.  Talking to someone has been shown to help us feel less alone, lost and more connected to others.


depression tension forgetfulness brain worry guilt

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