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  • Lyn Reed

How do you say goodbye?

Many of us find goodbyes very difficult.  Some of us may have grownup in families where we never said goodbye. Unspoken words seem to hang in the air, we seem to be keeping our options open.

Others may have learnt to say goodbye.  Short and sweet.  That's it.  Cut the ties quickly, Let's not get too emotional about it.

Many of us say goodbye gradually.  We ease ourselves out gently. We may not notice it but it does happen - eventually.  We adjust to it as time is passing.  Perhaps we were anticipating it.

If we go back and try and put things together again we may find ourselves feeling vulnerable.

The cracks remains.  We are fractured. Holding on the past can reinforce that feeling of not quite fitting.  But things have changed.  And it is important to acknowledge this rather than resist.

We need to let go of our resistance and find release.  Perhaps we need to do something physically.  Sometimes what we thought was forever turns out to be a broken dream. But we can rebuild a new dream.

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