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  • Lyn Reed

How do you measure your self worth?

There are a number of way we measure our self worth (or how much we value ourselves).

When we base our self-worth on our achievements, we are building a house without firm foundations. With this mind-set we need to keep experiencing repeated success so that we can keep feeling good about ourselves.

That really is asking a lot of ourselves. When our entire self-worth depends on our achievements, we will start to avoid doing things for fear we will fail.

We may feel our self worth is dependant upon other people. If we do, we are deluding ourselves. By basing our self worth on how others perceive us, we are unlikely to receive enough praise or positive reinforcement. We will not feel good enough. We will be forever looking for how we are measuring up to others...............

If we measure our self worth by way of our finances, then we are looking in the wrong place. Hoping that a car or a house will help us to feel good about ourselves is pointless. The amount we earn, the possessions we own, will never be enough to satisfy our need to feel worthy.

Whilst work may help us with our identity, it can also be used to tell others that we are somebody. If we base our self worth on our job title we are putting ourselves at risk. A change in the markets, restructuring or retirement can play havoc with our self-worth. We won't feel good if we measure ourselves solely by what we do.

The most effective way to be ourselves is to feel good about who we are.

The way we choose to measure ourselves as individuals is a major factor in the choices we make. The thoughts we have. The way we feel about ourselves. We need to measure our self-worth on the factors we can control rather than the external world. When we know who we are and we are okay with the person we have become, we can maintain a sense of peace throughout life's ups and downs. We believe in ourselves - regardless.

This helps us to focus on behaving according to our own values rather than look to things or people that temporarily boost our self-esteem. It can be a short fix, but it is unlikely to solve a long term problem.

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