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  • Lyn Reed

Grief as the healing process

Pain that is not faced does not go away.  It stays inside and festers.  If each time we have a loss and we deny it, we can end up with a pile of unresolved grief.

With unresolved grief running the show, it is difficult to get close to people and hard to trust anyone.  If you have had unresolved losses, they may have led to a series of difficult relationships. 

The pattern can be broken.  We just need to heal everything in us that needs to be healed and to learn the lesson we need to learn.

Use this time to mend so you may open up to lasting love.  Once you have learnt to cope with losses, you will realise that loss is not the end of the world.  Do the work and resist the urge to fill the void with other things.  Grief is not a straight line.  It happens in phases - shock, disbelief and great emotion.

Grief goes back and forth until finally there is reorganisation, reintegration and acceptance.

Before we can build relationships with others, we need to have a good and healthy relationship with ourselves.  A healthy and happy life starts with a positive self image and high self esteem.  Our self esteem may not be that high, but we can find ways to increase it if we wish.


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