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  • Lyn Reed

Getting Over Getting Over

Getting over a break up can make us feel frozen like this mask in the snow.

Before we can build relationships with others we need to nurture a good and healthy relationship with ourselves.

Our self esteem may not be that great just now, but we can find ways to improve it.

An end of a relationship can leave us feeling not just lonely but painfully aware of our shortcomings.

Ways to tackle it?

- write down a gratitude list (if you managed to get out bed this morning be thankful.)

- take up something new if you feel anxious or compulsive

- do something to fill the void

- set goals

- put the focus back on yourself

- journal thoughts and feelings

- erase negative self-talk

- give yourself credit

- take breaks

- look after yourself physically

- find support

- spend at least one night doing something for yourself

A happy and healthy life starts with a positive self-image and high self-esteem. And it lies within ourselves.

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