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  • Lyn Reed

Getting on: how therapy can help 'oldies'

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

When working with 'oldies' in therapy  it important to recognise their hard won experience over the years.  It is also vital we have the confidence to say so without sounding patronising. 

Oldies have indicated to me what they need most from therapy is a reinforcement of their strengths - which are going to stand them in good stead during the difficult times.  What they DON'T want to be reminded of is their shortcomings.

Oldies also seem to appreciate UNCONDITIONAL CARING which is often available nowhere else and probably never has been. Work with them as individuals - with all the rights and responsibilities that entails.  

It also helps if we find the pain, discomfort and medication they feel/take something we do not run away from.  Staying the moment, calm and asking if we can help - are all likely to be of immense benefit.

Our reaction can help to normalise without trivialising what they are experiencing.

Healthy ageing mental health places emphasis on the continuation of personal growth and development,  Good nutrition, meaningful interaction, appropriate exercise, letting go of clutter, a lot of mental stimulation and taking time for oneself.


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