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  • Lyn Reed

Are you grieving for a celebrity? You are not alone............

When one of our favourite celebrities die, we know about it immediately, It is everywhere. All over social media. In the newspapers the next day. Pages and pages.

And we feel a sense of loss.

It is okay for grief to accompany the deaths of our favourite celebs. It does not matter that we did not meet them. It is important to remember that we have grown alongside them.

The sadness we feel when they die is real.

Feeling intense emotions around celebrity deaths is a common experience. Sadly it is a loss which we often feel we need to keep hidden.

We may identify with them. Sometimes they are connected to friends/family who have died. Each time we lose something connected to a loved one we can experience the loss too. We may feel sad because it can mean we feel even further away from those we have lost in our personal lives.

This is all part of the grieving process.

Many people will not understand our grief for someone we never met. so we may decide not to talk about it. It's important though to find a way to grieve our loss. And look out for someone with whom we can share our grief. This is where social media can be helpful: like minded souls can find support in their time of loss.

Perhaps the best thing about our heroes who are no longer with us, is that they become part of who we are, the music we like, the art we view, the books we read, the programmes we watch.

They may never create anything new, but by remembering them, we may find something new in ourselves.

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